Alain Mikli Ireland

Gill Opticians and Alain Mikli have been partners for over 20 years. Alain Mikli has the holding rights over its acetate designs for 2 years. This unique range has everything from subtle mens frames with titanium to colourful designer ladies styles.

Mikli has been at the top of frame design since the 1980s. Acetate specifically designed by Alain Milki led to the company’s recognition within the optical industry. His use of unusual Acetate colours and materials such as aluminium rubber and nickel based steel make up the Alain Mikli collection. Electric colours and iconic shapes drive this spectacle specific brand to heights that other collections can only dream of. We at Gill Optician’s are proud to be the number one suppliers of one of the most beautiful frames in the world.

Alain Mikli Story

Alain Mikli is a French-Armenian designer of high-end handmade glasses. Alain Mikli treats light as an accomplice when designing acetates which he often keeps exclusivity of for a couple of years meaning that there is literally nothing like a Mikli frame. Cutting large acetate blocks infused with colour designs means that like a piece of art, no two are ever the same.