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Japanese already winners in Ireland

By September 26, 2019March 25th, 2022No Comments

Japan may be 9,500KM from Ireland but such is the allure of the quality of glasses that Gill Opticians has 2 cabinets full of eyewear and sunglasses handcrafted in Japan.

jacques marie mage Dublin Ireland

For over 10 years Gill Opticians has been promoting Japanese handmade glasses as the highest quality in the business. At the forefront of the special brands carried in our boutique practice are DITA Eyewear and Jacques Marie Mage. These two brands are incredible in every way. The attention to detail and craftsmanship of each piece is second to none.

DITA eyewear are Iconic masterpieces which command respect from the admirer. The range caters for the shy computer coder to the wall street trader and everyone in-between. Why would an American eyewear company get their glasses made 6,303KM away? The answer is obvious when you first pick up a DITA frame. Each frame is crafted by a highly skilled pair of japaneese’ hands and most frames take up to 6 months to produce with a few rare pieces taking 12 months. These glasses and sunglasses have been worn by celebrities Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Conor Mc Gregor, Jamie Fox, Nicole Scherzinger and many more.

DITA Eyewear Dublin Ireland

Jacques Marie Mage pieces are all limited editions and come with certification and engravings with no more than 500 pieces in one colour every made. They are pieces of art for your face and with every collection themed there is one for every type of face and dress style. It is not possible to describe what makes these amazing frames stand out from the crowd without using made up words and I am not about to start that. Call in and ask one of our frame consultants to transform your reflection and prepare yourself for a makeover.

Jacques Marie Mage incredible frames

Gill Opticians love the Japannese for their rebellion against mass produced throw away fashion and for remaining true to their passion of culture and craftsmanship.

Disclaimer: If you like to shop for glasses in pharmacies then these glasses are not for you.

A question every glasses wearer should ask themselves as they look in the mirror, “do these glasses portray the best of me.” if the answer is no then pick up your phone or call into our inviting practice in the heart of beautiful Dalkey.

Terrible style – this is an example of what not to wear

Below are links to the Japan brands that score best with Ireland’s greatest Independent Opticians.