Lindberg Eyewear in Ireland

Gill Opticians Dalkey is proud to be Dublin’s No.1 supplier of Lindberg frames. As Ireland’s largest supplier of Lindberg glasses and sunglasses. We feel it is our duty to represent the brand properly and therefore always carry more than 60 Lindberg frames, alongside their Lindberg sunglasses range. We deliver exceptional service with Lindberg frames, our product is unmatched.

Lindberg is as refined as the Danish people who handcraft their product. There is a concept “If something is not needed remove it”. If you keep refining an optical product while maintaining its quality, craftsmanship and efficiency then you will end up with Lindberg. Eloquently simple, luxurious, light, and durable are all terms carried but this incredible eyewear collection. Gill Opticians exclusively carry the Lindberg horn collection, an ethically sourced buffalo horn range produced by master craftsmen in Denmark. We also carry the sunglasses collection which is made from titanium and is available in prescription with our premium Carl Zeiss lenses. It is easy to see why this Eyewear is Gill Opticians most successful eyewear brand. We believe in this lightweight titanium, acetate, NOW, and Buffalo horn collection so much that we have 3 cabinets stocked at any time offering you the greatest collection of Lindberg eyewear in Ireland.

This range of designer eyewear is custom built, each frame is made to order so please allow 2 weeks for your frame to arrive. “Good things come to those who wait”!