Multifocal Daily Disposable are the latest addition to the Acuvue family.

There has been a large gap in the market for patients who wish to have uncompromised corrected distance vision with clear crisp near vision. Johnson and Johnson have designed a lens which fills this gap, with over 120 different lens designs taking into account the patients pupil size this lens has a very high tolerance rate.

From patient feed back we can advise you that this lens works best when used evenly for all focal lengths distance, computer and near. For patients using computers or prolonged readers this lens is not advised as it has been designed with an even spread through all distance ranges.

To see if you are a candidate for this latest innovation in contact lenses please contact us but email or call 012853227.

We will fit you with a sample of these multifocal lenses and supply you with a trial to ensure the prescription is working well before you purchase a supply of these lenses.

Johnson and Johnson also offer a direct mail from the warehouse to your home or work taking any inconvenience out of ordering these lenses. For this option please tell a member of staff in Paul Gill Opticians and we will organise it for you.