Lenses used to be made of mineral glass, cut and polished by an extremely skilled hand and only worn by the wealthy. As with everything, technology in optics has moved on at such a rate that now it is the norm to have lenses made in a virtually unbreakable material, cut by a robot and fitted into a frame constructed by lasers and nylon powder.

With these technological advances there are very little limitations to what is possible. Low powered prescriptions are available in curved frames offering the wearer’s eyes complete cover so that the only light passing through the eye is filtered by our premium lenses.

We are proud to offer our patient lenses from leading lens suppliers Carl Zeiss, Essilor, Hoya, Jai Kudo and Norville to ensure that the lenses you are getting are of the highest standards.

We at Paul Gill opticians are proud to endorse Maui Jim as our sunglasses of choice. The lenses are unrivalled in clarity, comfort and glare reduction. These sunnies are not cheap and nor should they be!  Produced with polarized plus technology these nine layer lenses are near distortion free and optic perfection. We guarantee once a Maui Jim wearer misplaces their sunglasses they will replace them within a week. The complete product is shipped from America and received in our practice in Dalkey within 10 working days.