Etnia Barcelona

The spectrum of the rainbow is lacking colours found in this collection. Designed in Basque country, these acetate and nickel based frames are all about colour and quality. Niche high end frames at a price you can afford. At Gill Opticians we are proud to be a distributor of these magnificent frames.

The story

At 23 David Pellicer spotted a niche in the optical market and pursued it with all his youthful energy. He created the first colour-based collection and launched it in 2003 changing the world of optics, with the idea of being the most creative and colorful brand in the international optical industry, creating unique eyewear whose value lies in the design of its colors.

Etnia Barcelona are pioneers in the study of colour and its psychological effects. They create our own trend boards for our collections, preparing combinations based on fashion trends, ready-to-wear and big brands.

Currently Etnia are working with more than 500 colour references, each one of which has been designed by the Etnia Barcelona creative team and produced at the Mazzucchelli (Italy) acetate factory, carefully selecting the pigments to establish a “rainbow” range with a futuristic approach.

Etnia Barcelona is committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable products. As a 21st century company, their awareness of the environment means that they use a 100% eco-friendly acetate, made from natural organic elements (cotton and wood pulp), which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

The convenience and comfort of a pair of Etnia Barcelona glasses are one of its greatest attributes. Their frames are specially designed and manufactured to comfortably suit any size. This is achieved by combining a bridge design that does not squeeze the wearer’s nose area and a flex system that accords greater comfort in the grip of the temples, ensuring no additional pressure than required to stay in place. Exhaustive knowledge of the human physiognomy is transferred to each part, thus resulting in the world’s most comfortable glasses.

The rainbow is dull in comparison!