Myopia Control Clinic

But what is myopia/

Myopia occurs when the eye is physically long or your cornea is too curved. In order to correct this, a concave minus powered lens is prescribed. This correction can come in the form of contact lenses or spectacle lens which is a specific strength to force the image back to land precisely on the retina.

Myopia greatly increases the chances of serious eye problems in later life such as macular degeneration, Glaucoma and macular maculopathy.

Reducing a patients myopic progression by just 1.00DS can reduce the chance of developing myopia related ocular problems by 40%.

It is estimated that ½ of the worlds population will be short sighted by 2050.

Who develops myopia?

Myopia occurs mainly due to genetic inheritance or just bad luck. Myopia can also be induced from environmental reasons such as over exertion of near vision (over accommodation) and lack of outdoor visual gaze.

We advise all children aged 4 years to get their eyes examined. Early detection is crucial to the development of the visual pathway to the brain. By the age of 11 the visual pathway has been fully developed.


  • Myopia is present in over 50% of college students in Ireland.
  • Rates of Myopia have doubled in the past 50 years.
  • If you are Myopic, there is a 1:3 chance your children will also be.
  • If your child turns out to be myopic then they will probably exceed your prescription at the same stage in life.