Mykita Eyewear are German engineering at its best. Handmade in Berlin out of stainless steel this fully screwless collection are durable while still extremely lightweight and stylish.

Gill Opticians opened its Mykita account in the early 2000s and has been Ireland’s No.1 Supplier of Mykita frames since. These pieces are broken up into different collections. N01 Collection, Decades, Lite, Mylon and their collaboration pieces.

Mykita NO1. Collection is the bread and butter of Mykita. Made from 5mm Stainless steel plate each frame is made from 3 pieces of stainless steel interwoven without the use of screws or glue.

Mykita Decades are timeless classics inspired from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

The Mykita lite collection is just that, LIGHT.  Made from the least amount of stainless steel, the value is in what you don’t get, WEIGHT.

Mykita Mylon 3D printed frames make of nylon. This is their sports/fashion range, elegant robust and so light you can go for a run wearing them.