Mykita Eyewear in Ireland

Gills Opticians has been Irelands No1. Mykita stockist since 2007.We feel it is our duty to represent the brand properly and therefore always carry more than 30 frames in stock at any time. Come see Mykita displayed as it should be in its own bespoke cabinet.

In 2003 Mykita Eyewear was founded by Moritz Krüger, Harald Gottschling, Philipp Haffmans, Daniel Haffmans. In 1996, Ralph Anderl together with his friends Philipp Haffmans and Harald Gottschling started up a frame manufacturing company called IC Berlin. The glasses company grew from strength to strength due to the durability lightness and screw-less design. After some time the company split and Moritz and co. went on to found Mykita Eyewear. Using ideas conceived in their previous company they refined and patented a new hinge system requiring no screws. The robust hinge was stronger than that of IC Berlins and with the connections already made, Mykita exploded onto the scene. Mykita now has 3 distinct material factions within their company but all manufacturing, marketing and labour are all contained under one roof. This intimacy is why Mykita Eyewear is able to evolve and innovate at the rates rivaled by only a few eyewear companies.

Mykita Frames are Handmade in Berlin with an Industrial screw-less design. Sheet stainless steel, acetate and Mylon (Mykita’s patented material) make up the Mykita materials. Mykita bring all of their staff under one roof and due to this the MYKITA HAUS is a breeding ground for innovation and efficiency.

“Style that impacts does not need weight”