Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples is the true eyewear of celebrities. When you get a creative genius owning a boutique opticians on Hollywood Boulevard with A-lister celebrity clients the result is inevitable. In 1986 the desire to produce top quality stylish frames for the rich and famous led the Opticians owner Larry Leight to create his very own brand. He purchased an old range of vintage American-made eyewear and the production machines in a job lot. The receipt for the frames and machines were signed off by Oliver Peoples and hence the name was born. When Gill Opticians first came upon Oliver Peoples we were blown away but the incredible detail and high end finishing of each of the handmade frames.

Oliver Peoples is true to their origins and remain dedicated to the glasses styles of the 20s to the 50s. These shapes and designs are classic and are as relevant today as they were in James Joyce’s era. The frames are named after famous American literalists and actors such as Gregory Peck, The O’ Malley and The Sheldrake. The best selling frames also have a clip on available which can flip up to completing the genuine celebrity look. Celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Elton John, Ozzy Ozbourne, Jennifer Anniston, Brad Pitt and the ex president Barack Obama can regularly be spotted wearing these Iconic frames.

Not everyone can afford the cars of celebrities, “but we can afford their eyewear”