VAVA Eyewear

VAVA Eyewear

Gill Opticians is Proud to introduce you to this sleek modern and stylish new brand to the Irish market.

VAVA is exclusive to Gill Opticians. We attended Opti Munich optical fair in Germany in 2024 and found this incredible eyewear brand. It is a great honour to be able to be the personal shoppers for our clients and with this brand we know you are going to be impressed.

These incredibly light stylish and comfortable frames are designed in Portugal and handcrafted in Italy.

The materials used in the construction are  Acetate, acetate and aluminium combination or tubular aluminium. The hinge is the weakest point of any frame and in all VaVa frames this is a patented aluminium design.

The designs are contemporary and are influenced by the linear lasers seen at 90s rave parties. The designs are a seamless combination of retro shapes mixed with ultra modern lines.

Vava is a very wearable range of glasses that will stop people in the streets.

Going against the monolithic traditional vision of men, Pascal Mathieu decides to concretize his ideas.

The resulting design is at the crossroads of his inspirations: watchmaking and technology.