The Zeiss I Terminal 2 is a high tech measuring device used for optimizing the quality of individualized lenses. No two faces are identical! The Zeiss Tower takes all of a patients facial features into account and allows us to tailor make a lenses to suit each individual.

Paul Gill Opticians are one of two Zeiss premium partners chosen to have this state of the art equipment.

What it does:

The I Terminal 2 is a state of the art camera linked to software which enables us to take facial measurements accurate to 0.01 of a mm. Five unique measurements are taken relating to how the frame sits on the patients face. These measurements affect the power of the lens, Zeiss take these measurements and combine them with the prescription required and adjust the lens power to maximise the quality of vision across the whole lens.

Once the facial measurements have been taken the frame is then traced in the Zeiss lens tracer and the prescription facial measurements and lens trace are all sent to Carl Zeiss. Zeiss take all the information into account and produce a lens tailored to be a perfect fit giving our patient an unbeatable lens in terms of clarity, field of vision and comfort in all aspects of their visual needs.

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