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Style Tips

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Seen!

By February 15, 2019June 30th, 2022No Comments

Fashion has always been a personal entity to each individual, free to express oneself to whatever colour of the rainbow they wish to wear on any given day. From clothing to shoes and nowadays people turn to their glasses to make a statement about their individuality. The more fashion forward the frames appear the more people desire to wear spectacles.

We offer an extensive range of designer and bespoke frames, one to suit your needs and desires.

The French have always led the way in the fashion steaks and we have many French designer frames available. Ranging from the colourful and angular frames of Face a Face where you could not put a foot wrong to Cartier where diamonds are a girl’s best friend (and a man’s). Jacques Marie Mage frames are so cutting edge with their bold statement pieces. Sabine Be is our newest addition and their collection is so quirky and eclectic that they could only turn heads resulting in a nod of approval. Starck, really are stark with their clear cut innovative design.

Lindberg have established themselves as a custom made Danish brand. Reliable, durable and each frame can be made to suit each client’s style. Be bold or demure, this brand suits everyone. The American brands of RayBan, Tom Ford and Oliver Peoples all stand out as renowned and designers to be seen wearing. RayBan made famous by the Aviator and Wayfarer designs will have you travelling far to be seen. Tom Ford is always driving the fashion world forward, wear one of his frames with pride and Oliver Peoples’ famous Gregory Peck design will have no one mocking your appearance.