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OrCam Supplier Ireland

By July 27, 2022August 10th, 2022No Comments

OrCam MyEye Smart


The world’s most sophisticated visual aid is now available in Gill Opticians.

OrCam MyEye Smart is a visual aid primarily designed to read for people who are partially sighted. This simple wearable device discretely connects to your glasses and give you audio feedback on what you are looking at.

Gill Opticians brings Orcam to Ireland first in 2015

Jamie Gill remembers receiving the first OrCam in Dublin in 2015. ‘We were so excited, this device was going to completely transform the lives of partially sighted people in Ireland’. Unfortunately the device was clunky to use and heavy to wear with limitations in the text it could read.

As Gill Opticians only aligns itself with the best quality products we decided to step back from OrCam in 2017 knowing that when all the glitches were ironed out OrCam would take the world by storm.

Where Can I Buy OrCam in Ireland?


In 2022 OrCam approached Gill Opticians with their new OrCam MyEye. The device has been completely redesigned physically and the technology developed with simplicity and user friendliness at its core. A small camera is magnetically attached to a band which is bound to the temple of the users glasses. The device is half the size of a matchbox and extremely discrete.

Within the device is a camera, a microphone and a speaker that only the wearer can hear. The camera uses artificial intelligence to ingest information it sees to constantly improve its offering to the user.

MyEye OrCam is now available to try and buy in Gill Opticians in Dalkey Co. Dublin.

How does OrCam work?

OrCam can read any text, it feeds this information back to the user through a small powerful speaker beside the wearers ear. OrCam can also be trained to recognise faces and products.

This visual aid can be used to orientate the wearer.  Simply ask ‘what is in front of me’ and Orcam will can the room for hazards such as chairs and tables.