Zeiss Individual 2

The individual 2 is Carl Zeiss’s most technologically advanced progressive lens and arguably the greatest progressive lens currently available across all lens manufacturers.

The individual 2 is optimized for visual clarity by taking the patients prescription, frame and facial features into account.


  1. Widest field of vision in distance, intermediate and reading areas.
  2. Fully tailored lens to your lifestyle, face-shape and balance between both eyes.
  3. Least distortion possible in a progressive lens.
  4. Less swim and sway effect = less adaption time.
  5. Available in photochromic, polarised and clear plastics.
  6. Available with lifestyle coatings such as drivesafe and blueprotect.

How it works:

The prescription is decided by our highly experienced optometrist in the testing room. You, the patient choose a frame that suits you taking into account your facial features, style and frame function. Once the frame has been chosen a High Definition Photograph is taken using the Zeiss I Tower. The I Tower is a state of the art camera linked to software which enables us to take facial measurements accurate to 0.01 of a mm. The I Tower then allows us to decide how much reading or Computer (intermediate) area to insert into the lens depending on the wearers lifestyle. The frame is then traced in the workshop using the Zeiss lens tracer and the prescription facial measurements and lens trace are all sent to Carl Zeiss.

Zeiss take all the information into account and produce a lens tailored to be a perfect fit giving our patient an unbeatable lens in terms of clarity, field of vision and comfort in all aspects of their visual needs.

If you need the widest visual field in distance, intermediate and near vision the Individual 2 is the lens for you.