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Celebrate Our 45th Birthday

By April 26, 2022June 15th, 2022No Comments

In June 2022 Gill Opticians celebrates 45 years in business.


To give something back to the clients that have supported us we are offering a voucher which can be used to purchase any sunglasses or glasses during the month of June. The voucher can be found at the bottom of this post.

After 45 years we are very proud to be still leading the way for independent opticians in Dublin. Below are a few memorable snap shots looking back through the years.



Claim your voucher at bottom of this post

Perspective of 45 years


To put into perspective how long the practice has been established we most throw our minds back to the most memorable events of 1977.


  • Jimmy Carter succeeds Gerald Ford as the 39th President of the US.
  • First use of fibre optic cable to carry live telephone traffic.
  • The first of the hugely successful ‘Star Wars’ movies opens.
  • The “king” Elvis Presley dies of a heart attack.
  • British Airways inaugurates a regular London-to-New York supersonic Concorde service.
  • First three nodes of the ARPAnet are connected in what will eventually become the internet.
  • Paul Gill Opens it’s doors

1977 Paul Gill Opticians Opening Day

This was the day it all began!

Paul was a brave 22 year old man, newly qualified as an optometrist. After 2 years of commuting Monday – Friday to work in P.J Crowley in Grand Parade Cork City Paul decided to open his own practice.
Fresh faced and donning a beautiful moustache Paul turned the key for the first time to welcome in his new clients. From that day onwards Gill Opticians has drawn patients from all over Ireland due to its high standard in eyecare, stock and beautiful practice location.

Terms and conditions:

Sceenshot of coupon must be presented in store.

  • €45 coupon can be used once per client.

  • €45 coupon can be used on frames or sunglasses.

  • €45 coupon can not be used against any other product or service.

  • €45 coupon is valid 1st June until 30th June 2022.