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Gill Opticians supporting Orbis charity this October

By September 27, 2023No Comments

Orbis Charity Sponsor Gill Opticians

Gill Opticians supports the Orbis EYE CARE FOR ALL Campaign this World Sight Day. Through supporting Orbis, Gill Opticians will help transform lives by preventing and treating avoidable blindness and vision loss in Ethiopia

This October, Gill Opticians will donate €15 from every pair of glasses sold.

The impact of €15:

  • conduct sight-saving surgery.
  • provide a pair of glasses.
  • distribute 100 doses of sight-saving antibiotics.


Orbis is an international charity transforming lives by preventing and treating avoidable blindness and vision loss. Orbis Ireland has set an ambitious goal to eliminate avoidable blindness in Ethiopia.


Orbis Ireland focuses on a region of over 3.6 million people, where the prevalence of avoidable blinding diseases, like trachoma, is the highest in the world. We work to tackle the three leading causes of avoidable blindness – trachoma, cataract and refractive error, to ensure no one goes needlessly blind. Orbis adopts the World Health Organisation’s SAFE strategy: Surgery to prevent imminent blindness, Antibiotics to treat infection, Facial cleanliness to reduce transmission, and Environmental improvement to improve sanitation and access to clean water


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Ethiopia has one of the highest burdens of trachoma globally. In 2019, it was estimated that 70 million people worldwide were at risk of the disease, with a staggering 21.9 million of these in Ethiopia. This makes Ethiopia the country with the largest number of people at risk and needing intervention. Sadly, it is also estimated that 1.2 million people in Ethiopia have trichiasis, a late stage of trachoma that can cause blindness if left untreated. As a result, trachoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in Ethiopia.


By donating €15.00 per pair of glasses bought for the month of October, Gill Opticians is providing a sight saving operation or medication to a person who otherwise would lose their sight. We are aware how extremely privileged we are to have top quality eyecare in Ireland. These resources are unavailable in much of the world and easily treated diseases can become a sight threatening illness. If you buy any pair of glasses in the month of October in 2023, you will be personally contributing to saving sight in some of the worlds poorest countries.