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Best Opticians In Ireland

By October 27, 2022November 15th, 2022No Comments

Best Opticians in Ireland

What does it mean to be the best opticians in Ireland.

Jamie Gill of Gill Opticians explores what it means to be voted Best Independent Opticians in Ireland.

People sometimes get confused or are unsure what the difference is between a multiple or an independent optician.

Multiples or chain opticians are practices that are franchises and therefore governed and overseen by a large corporate body. Independent Opticians are practices owned by an individual or individuals that are owned by outright and are not linked to any cooperate body.

Independent Opticians have full flexibility with what frames they can stock, lenses they can supply and contact lens availability as they are not governed or restricted by anybody. Multiples are less agile as they are dictated from the higher levels as to the products they can supply, time they can allocate to eye examinations and the frames and lenses they can stock.


Stocking the best glasses in the world.

As the Best Opticians in Ireland you must stock the best brands in Ireland. Gill Opticians regularly attends optical fairs looking for new brands from countries that produce the finest handmade glasses. Before attending optical fairs such as Silmo in Paris we always look at each client style type and discuss who we are not currently catering for. This year we felt that although we carried mens specific brands we were low on strong colourful, flexible frames. To fill this gap and ensure that we are carrying the best range of glasses possible we booked into see Lindberg Eyewear and ordered in 50 Thintanium frames to which cater for men who want to look stylish yet understated.

At the same time we were booking in to view Lindberg one particular brand was under performing and their aftersales was not matching up to the standards which we at Gill Opticians pride ourselves in. This brand was removed from our display and replaced with the new Lindberg Thintanium frames.

Agility of the Independent

Due to the inherent agility of being an independent optician we can introduce new product, discontinue product and have flexibility to increase testing times or purchase the latest equipment without discussing it with a governing entity. It is this edge which means that we can always stay in front of the multiple opticians. In 2022 we introduced the new one of a kind Zeiss Visufit 1000 facial measuring device. Without any consultation we purchased this state of the art machine with the intent to better our lens offering. In the same year we also began stocking the Orcam My Eye Pro. This is a visual aid which is specifically designed to read for people with reading difficulties. These difficulties can be caused by dyslexia, macular degeneration or many pathologies. The Orcam reads the document for you which opens the world of possibilities to the affected wearer.

Being awarded the Best Opticians in Ireland is a great honour and a position we will strive to retain though 2023 and onwards.

We believe that offering our clients unrivalled eyecare, unmatched product and best customer care is the way to keep flying the flag for independent opticians.